ADHD Assessment

For families looking for an assessment for ADHD, the testing process is fairly straightforward.  Our ADHD evaluations include both a direct measure of attentional functioning using a computerized test of attention, as well as indirect measures of functioning using multi-informant rating scales.  This approach is different than most ADHD assessments, which typically include only rating scale data to inform diagnosis decisions.  Every evaluation also includes measurement of Executive Functioning skills to determine if any difficulties are present in the ability to engage in organized, independent, goal-directed behavior.


This comprehensive evaluation collects data on multiple facets of functioning, including:

  • visual vs. auditory attention

  • attentional stamina

  • attentional impulsiveness

  • attentional sluggishness

  • impulse control

  • emotional control

  • planning / prioritizing

  • flexibility

  • working memory

  • self-monitoring

  • task initiation & completion

  • organization

Whether or not a diagnosis is made, precise and individualized recommendations are included in each assessment.