Comprehensive Psychological Assessments

A comprehensive psychological assessment is a tool that parents can use to determine how to best serve their child in all areas of his or her life - home, school, and in social situations.  Some of the most common reasons to seek a psychological assessment include:

  • To obtain information about a child's learning style and academic strengths and weaknesses

  • To explain behaviors such as inattention, poor organization, hyperactivity, low motivation, homework struggles, impulsivity, or low frustration tolerance

  • To understand a child's difficulty acquiring academic skills, poor school performance and/or academic decline

  • To explain behaviors such as lack of motivation, underachievement, or difficulty appropriately managing demands, schedules and priorities

  • To explain delays in the development of social skills or emotional maturity, including difficulties making friends, excessive anxiety, perfectionism or excessive shyness

  • To document the need for accommodations in school or on standardized tests

  • To assist in determining eligibility for an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) or 504 Plan

  • To develop individualized recommendations to promote academic and social success

Testing time:   5 to 10 hours (face-to-face testing time, scheduled in multiple sessions)

Cost:   $2,300 to $3,400 (depending on the number of areas tested)

Areas Tested:

  • Communication / Knowledge

  • Visual Spatial Skills

  • Auditory / Phonological Processing

  • Memory

    • Long-Term Retrieval​

    • Short-Term Memory

    • Working Memory

    • Verbal Memory

    • Visual Memory

  • Processing Speed

  • Orthographic Processing Skills

  • Fluency Skills

  • Oral Language

    • Basic Oral Language

    • Listening Comprehension​

    • Vocabulary

  • Executive Function Skills​

  • ​Attention Skills

  • Social-Emotional Functioning

  • Academic Achievement

    • Reading​

      • Basic Reading Skills​

      • Reading Comprehension

      • Decoding

      • Reading Fluency

    • Mathematics​

      • Math Calculation​

      • Math Problem Solving

      • Math Fluency

    • Written Expression​

      • Basic Writing​

      • Written Expression

      • Editing

      • Writing Fluency