Consultation & Outreach


Educational Advocates help children and families navigate the process of special education.  In my role as an Advocate, I represent the best interests of students seeking Special Education supports and services, accommodations through Child or Student Study Team processes, or requesting 504 Plan Accommodations. Advocacy services include the following:


  • help parents prepare for and/or accompany parents to meetings (including Child Study Team, Eligibility, IEP, Section 504, Manifestation Determination, and Informal Dispute Resolution meetings) 

  • utilize a multi-modal approach to learn about your student and make recommendations

  • review school records, special education records, 504 plans, and assessments/evaluations in order to provide expert opinions on school placement options ranging from inclusion classrooms, learning centers, special day classes, non-public school, and residential placement programs (as appropriate) 

  • consult with parents, teachers, specialists, school staff, and administrators

  • assist in educational programming decisions (IEP goals, behavior plans, curriculum modifications, and related services)

  • inform parents of their educational rights

Special Education Eligibility & Regulations

I have an extensive knowledge of Special Education eligibility and regulations, and can help parents understand the process by which students are found eligible for Special Education Services.  Because of my history working in a public school setting, I bring a unique, team-based approach to my advocacy and consulting work.  My goal is to foster cooperation amongst all parties while advocating for student's educational rights.  My experience working in school settings provides me with a unique perspective that can be helpful in obtaining successful outcomes.

Linking Assessment Results to Learning & School Performance

I offer consultation and advice in linking assessment results to learning and school performance.  Oftentimes, parents seek help implementing strategies after their child has been assessed.  Many psychological reports provide recommendations that can be difficult to put into practice, both at home and in school.  Linking assessment results to learning, behavior, and school performance is a critical step on the road to success, and an explanation of the direct link between results and specific behaviors or learning styles is not always provided.  Explaining results in clear, understandable language helps parents see the connection between the numbers in the results section of their child's evaluation report and how their child learns and behaves.

Student-, Parent-, and Teacher-Focused Presentations

As part of my effort to serve as a resource to the community, I offer student-, parent-, and teacher-focused presentations across a variety of topics.  These presentations are provided free of charge, and are most often requested by schools and church communities.  A list of topics I am frequently asked to speak about include:

  • Stress & Resiliency in Teens

  • Cyberbullying & Toxic Relationships

  • Executive Function Skills 

  • Managing Worry & Anxiety

  • Navigating Social Media

  • Depression

  • Empathy

  • Linking Assessment Results to Learning & School Performance

  • Special Education Regulations

  • Interpreting Assessment Results from a Teacher Perspective

  • How To Be A Good Peer Counselor

If you are interested in having me speak to your organization but don't see a relevant topic on this list, please contact me.